A Brief history of Good Shepherd

Worship services were held in a room at Del Tura Country Club on December 1, 1991. Small groups were started and a choir established. The meeting location changed, and soon there was a piece of land with a triple-wide on it that was declared as Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.

On March 8, 1992, 62 people became Charter Members. The minister was the Rev. Robert White. In December of that year in a procession, the church members moved from their temporary quarters to the present building. The decision was made at the time of designing the building that it was more important to have a multi-function Fellowship Hall that could double as a sanctuary and social hall than to have a single purpose sanctuary.

Good Shepherd is an active church with opportunities for worship, education, outreach, and fellowship.

UMC from 2009-2014

In the five years since our last pictorial directory, the reader will notice many changed faces. We are a transitional church in many ways. Most of the church members are active retirees from other parts of the United States who have chosen to live in this area. As they are new into our area they become greatly involved and serve in many ways. As they continue to age due to health concerns, they slow down and must decide to leave, to seek care from family or stay and seek help and support in the community. As they leave new people come into the community and have the opportunity to continue the legacy of service and volunteering. Thankfully, we remain vigilant and intentional in our efforts to invite, welcome, receive, activate, adjust to and enjoy the new people coming into our community.


In the summer of 2009, we undertook a Celebrate Jesus Mission. This experience helped us learn who our neighbors really were and taught us the skills and developed our capacity to reach out to love and hospitality. We continued to walk out and meet our neighbors and this has given us invaluable growth opportunities.


Also in 2009 we recognized the great health and welfare needs of our aging church and community and hired a Parish Nurse. She provides many points of contact and information to help the church and community remain healthy and well informed about their changing health needs and services.


In 2010 we initiated a series of community outreach and fellowship events which have increased the impact of our church in the community. We began a Christmas Bazaar of fine craft items, continued and expanded our Trash and Treasure fund raising sale, and initiated a Strawberry Festival to invite everyone in the community to come to the church for fellowship and fun.


Throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013 we have continued to foster and promote these ministry initiatives. We also connected more deeply with ministry opportunities in the Sun Coast community and in our local elementary schools. There are many neighbors who struggle greatly–though employed–to provide for their families. There are many young children who need help with basic school skills of reading and math. All of them need a mentor and friend. Our church has responded well to all the ministry opportunities and challenges we have met.


Our next ministry horizon is to reach out to people younger than those currently attending our church. As our older members leave we must diligently seek out the new people coming into our community in new and welcoming ways. We have successfully engaged the economic struggles that engulfed our area over the past five years. In 2014 we find that in many ways the economic pause button has been released. We will continue to seek to be faithful to the mission of Jesus Christ and reach out to the world with the love of Jesus with the gospel of Jesus in attractive and innovative ways.

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